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Brand Emblems

Unique emblems are created through special surface treatment, innovative fastening solutions, plastic processing and high resistance to all types of wear and tear.

Technical Miniatures

Our metal miniatures are characterised by, three-dimensional design and modelling, special detail preparation as well as extraordinary surface treatments and finishes.

Customer Solutions

These are characterised by intelligent fastening solutions and fastening techniques, durable surfaces, three-dimensional design as well as innovative processes and finishing.

Own Brands

Here we manufacture the most diverse products such as key organizers, belt buckles. Our own brands are characterized by their extremely plastic finish.

Innovative and intelligent customer solutions

variata is a specialized developer and manufacturer in the market sectors of automotive emblems, brand emblems and technology miniatures for premium manufacturers. We clearly distinguish ourselves from other manufacturers by our unique and differentiated features - like the development of special fastening techniques and the distinctive 3D development of the metal emblems and miniatures.

Durability, maximum resilience and long service life are important features of our customer solutions, especially in the automotive and brand emblem market sectors. Production is carried out in accordance with the strict automotive guidelines and regulations in Germany. The production is regularly followed and documented by extensive trials and tests.

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